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This application requires a $15 application fee that can be paid via mail or by visiting New Center Court Apartments and viewing one of our spacious apartments.

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New Center Court Rental Application

Apartment Type : Monthly Rent:
Apartment #: Security Deposit:



Present Address:



Drivers Lic.#

Year & Make

License Plate:

Name of every person  occupying Premises: Age Family Relationship

Why are you moving? 

Address past 5 years: Dates: Landlord's name & phone:

Employer: Address:
Phone: Length of  employment:
Position: Salary:
If more  than one occupant is working use "comments" section below.

Credit References: Address: Phone:



Savings Acct#

Checking Acct#

Personal References: Address: Phone:
Notify in case of emergency: Address: Phone:

All rentals are on a first-come first-serve basis.
Before possession of the premises, the applicant agrees to the following:

1. Upon notice of application approval, to IMMEDIATELY pay first month's rent & security deposit.

2. To execute the lessor's standard rental agreement.

Applicant represents that statements made on this application are true  and correct and hereby authorizes the verification of the information herein stated.

Landlord, in taking this application, assumes no responsibility or liability of any kind to the applicant and may reject this application without stating any reason. Falsification of information shall constitute automatic rejection.



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